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Website CARE

We’ve worked really hard to co-create your website!

Now that it is up and running, you want to make sure that it stays that way, and so do I.

Creating and maintaining a website are two very different things. WordPress is a tool and just like every other tool it needs to be taken care of so it can perform at its best.

Without taking care of your site on a regular basis, you run the risk of ending up with a slow, insecure and chaotic website that is hard to use for both visitors and admins.

For those of you that would rather focus your attention on your business and not on your website…  I’ve created Website CARE Packages just for you!

  • Keep your website software updated. New versions usually close known security holes.
  • Monitor the security of your website and lock out potential hackers.
  • Make regular backups of your entire website and store them offsite.
  • Scan for broken links in your website. All links need to work to ensure a good visitor experience.
  • Keep the database that stores all your website information, in good shape.
  • Monitor the availability (“uptime”) of your website and take immediate action if it goes down.
  • Content management to help you out with changes or updates to your website.

Having a Website Care Package in place provides peace of mind and security, helping to keep your site protected, up to date and backed up in the event you need to restore it. By doing these essentials regularly, you reduce the probability of having to deal with larger issues (and expense) later at some point.

Essential $19/month

Managed WordPress Core Updates

Managed Plugins & Theme Updates

Manual Offsite Backup

Unlimited Email Support

Pay via PayPal

Pay via Stripe

Essential PLUS $34/month

Everything in the Essential Plan


Uptime & Security Monitoring

Content Management (1/2 hr)

Consulting via ZOOM (1/2 hr)

Pay via PayPal

Pay via Stripe

Carrie is awesome. I have been working with her for over two decades. She has a great imagination & she gets it done!

Pat McVay, Sculptor

Managed WordPress Core Updates

According to a website survey, about 35.3% of the world’s websites run on WordPress. That’s more than a whopping 500 million websites! That’s why WordPress is a popular target for hackers!

Up to the minute updates quickly patch vulnerabilities and strengthen your site against attacks.

Managed Plugins & Theme Updates

Sucuri has reported that 61% of hacked WordPress sites are running outdated software.

Outdated plugins and themes can wreak havoc behind the scenes.

Weekly plugin and theme updates help to maintain security, fix bugs, add features, and improve your site’s functionality.

Manual Website & Database Backup

Websites can be damaged in several ways, including user error, hackers, and hosting issues.

Routine backups are a safety net to recover from such damage.

Backups are stored offsite in addition to any backups your web host may provide, ensuring that hosting problems don’t disrupt your backups.

Unlimited Email Support

I’ve been doing this work for 25 years- I’m not going anywhere!  I’ve also learned a few things along the way.

Any time you have a problem or a question- shoot me an email.  As you know, I respond pretty quickly.

If I don’t have the answer, I can usually find it!

Uptime & Security Monitoring

Know when something breaks before your clients do!

When your website goes down, or a security vulnerability is found, time is of the essence!

Uptime monitoring (every 5 minutes), weekly scans for malware, and added security alerts in place, is proactive and gives you peace of mind.

Content Management

Content requests can range from updating rates, adding a new service, entering new event details to even adding a new blog post or two.

Just email me what you need done, and if it will take me more than 1/2 hour, I will let you know before starting. – No surprises!

A lot can be accomplished in 1/2 hour!

Consulting via ZOOM

Brainstorming, cheerleading, screensharing… Or just a quick check-in.

It’s always nice to just see each other’s face once in a while.

I’m all yours for any reason for 1/2 hour!  You have access to my calander via my website anytime.

Carrie has been taking care of my ad web page for ten plus years. She has never missed posting the weekly ad. I recommend her highly.

Clay Anderson
Owner, Clinton Foodmart

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