The Process

Even if this isn't the your first experience embarking on a web design project, each designer does things a little differently, so I thought I would lay-out the process so you know what to expect.

step one

We start with a one-on-one FREE consultation (usually less than an hour). This can be done in-person, using Zoom, or Facetime. Together we assess your goals and desires for your project, such as whether your site will be purely informational or will it include on-line sales and/or scheduling of services. With this information I will be able to determine the size and technical scope of your project.

It would be helpful to be able to see your logo and any printed marketing material you might already have during our consultation. If we are starting from scratch we'll discuss what style would best represent you and your business. With this information I'll be able to determine any creative needs and a clear picture of your vision.

Feel free to come with a list of questions that you might have. And remember... There's no such thing as a dumb question!

Ready to schedule your complimentary consultation? CLICK HERE to access my calendar and we'll get started!

step two

Within a day or two I will put together a "Project Outline & Quote" for you to review. This will provide every detail of your project, based on our consultation. This will insure you will have a clear understanding of exactly what will be included. Once you have approved of the outline and the price quoted, I will provide you with a Contract to sign. (a deposit of 1/2 down will be required at this time)

step three

Now the FUN part begins...
I will select a WordPress Theme that best represents the overall 'look & feel' for your project, and customize it for your specific needs, including the main navigation scheme.  There will not be any 'content' yet at this stage, that will come a little later. You will want to take as much time as you need to review, test it on multiple devices, and maybe even share it with others, asking for feedback.

When you're ready- we will evaluate and decide if it's perfect, needs a few changes, or if it requires a trip back to the drawing board. We will repeat this step until you are thrilled with it! (final payment required once you are thrilled)

step four

The final step is inputting all of your content, then after your approval, it's time to start planning the Launch Party!